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Ottawa's Laser Tattoo Removal & Laser Skin Treatments

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Ottawa Laser Skincare Clinc and Tattoo Removal

At Fade Aesthetics, we understand that every human is on a journey, which entails constant growth & revelations. What was once something meaningful then, may not be anymore, now. We offer auxiliary laser tattoo removal in the Ottawa region and surrounding areas. As well as coveted laser treatments such as: dark spot removal, wrinkle reduction & more. Let us help recover your beauty, discover more below.

Discover the power of laser skincare with PicoWay® - the most advanced technology in the industry.

Ottawa LASER treatments

Laser Rejuvenation Package

Limited Packages Available

Laser Rejuvenation Package (1)

Get Unlimited Laser Skincare Sessions for only $32.50 a month. Our Laser Rejuvenation Package includes:

  • Laser Dark Spot Removal
  • Laser Wrinkle Reduction
  • Laser Stretch Mark Reduction

Recover your Beauty with Picoway

Best Laser Skincare Clinic In Ottawa

Tattoo Removal Ottawa Ontario

Muti Colored Tattoos

The Picoway laser technology can reduce the appearance of any tattoo, no matter the detail.

Wrinkle Reduction

Our lasers can do more than tattoo removals, It can target unwanted wrinkles, fine lines & crows feet.

Dark Spot Removal

With PicoWay Laser treatments, dark spots, benign lesions, and acne scarring won't stand a chance.

What to Expect

How Much Does it Cost?

We want everyone to be able to experience the wonders of our PicoWay Laser Technology. That is why we offer flexible payments & finance options.

How Long Does it take?

Depending on the treatment, each session can last between 15-30 minutes. Numerous sessions may be advised for certain types of tattoos, scars, etc.

Pain Level

Some clients have said that our laser treatments are similar to getting a tattoo. Sensations are compared to the snapping of a rubberband.

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What to expect

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