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Permanent Makeup doesn't have to be forever.

Restore your eyebrows to it’s pre-inked perfection with the latest technology in laser tattoo removal. Our Picoway lasers provide quick, minimal pain eyebrow tattoo removal to those who wish to take the permanent out of permanent makeup. If your microbladed or nano brows did not heal properly, laser eyebrow tattoo removal might be the solution for you. Discover more below.

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what we can do

Microblading removal

Microblading is a technique used to achieve hair-like strokes that resembles eyebrow hair. This technique is very invasive and can cause lots of scar tissue - which can throw off the original look of the tattoo. Microblading tattoo removal may be an option

Nanoneedling removal

Some permanent makeup artist use the latest nanoneedling technology in order to obtain a hyper-realistic hair strokes of the eyebrows. This can sometime not take to the skin, or may heal improply, thus resulting in subpar results. Eyebrow tattoo removal can erase those mistakes.

how its done?

Picoway laser technology

Picoway Laser Treatment Options

Picoway Zoom is the world’s latest laser tattoo removal. It’s high-tech capabilities allow it to remove detailed tattoos within few sessions.

The laser works by emitting short energry burst of light into the tattoo ink. The wavelengths of the like are absorbed by the ink, thus breaking down it’s structure. And within a couple of sessions, the tattoo will begin to fade. 

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What to expect

Private consultations

Each client consultation is safe, private & confidential. We want to not only provide great treatment, but great customer care as well.

Rapid Recovery

Our state-of-the-art laser is equipped with multiple wavelengths to provide faster sessions & quick recovery.

Astonishing results

The PicoWay laser not only targets pigment in the skin, it also promotes collagen regrowth and skin elasticity.


Most frequent questions and answers regarding laser tattoo removal

The price of laser tattoo removal depends on the nature of the tattoo itself, colours, detail, etc. The size of your tattoo will determine the sessions needed in order to restore your skin to it’s pre-inked beauty.

Chances are laser tattoo removal can be painful, it is not as painful as getting a tattoo. There may slight discomfort depending on skin sensitivity. Laser tattoo removal sensations can be comparable to to a sunburn, the laser pulses may feel like a snapping of rubberband.

Yes. The innovative technology in the PicoWay Gold Standard systems guarantee complete erasure of permanent ink. Powerful wavelengths breakdown the ink into tiny particles, which is then flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system.

There are many lifestyle changes that can help speed up your laser tattoo removal recovery. Such changes might be:

Exercise Regularly

Don’t Smoke

Get Adequet Rest

Drink Water Regularly

Follow Aftercare Advice


This depends on the client and their skin type. Essentially, laser tattoo removal sessions are spaced 6-8 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal. Many clients begin to see ink fade after third treatment. Altogether, you can begin to see results within 3 months, given the 6-8 week break.

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