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Resolve treatments work from the inside out to transform skin.

Ultraviolet (UV) light speeds up the production of melanin, a natural pigment that gives skin its color. On skin that has had years of sun exposure, age spots appear when melanin becomes clumped or is produced in high concentrations. Use of commercial tanning lamps and beds also can cause age spots. PicoWay is highly effective in skin pigment removal by using ultra-short, high power laser pulses that break pigmentation up in small particles, which are then easily absorbed and eliminated by your body.

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laser Dark Spot Removal

96% of treated discolorations showed at least 50% clearance after 2 treatments

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Hand Tattoo Removal Ottawa Ontario

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dark spot removal faqs

Most frequent questions and answers regarding laser dark spot removal

There is said to be slight discomfort when getting laser treatments for dark spot removal

High Energy pulsing lasers like the Picoway Resolve can effectively remove liver spots, age spots , birth marks & more

Even though it is not common, various factors can stimulate the production of hyperpigmentation like sunlight, aging, and hormones. These cases are rare an typically dark spots do not return after they are removed by laser technology.

Fading of dark spots typically begin to fade 7 to 1 days after initial treatment. You many need several sessions depending on the severity of the area being treated.

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