7 Terrible Tattoo Types To Avoid

7 Terrible Tattoo Types to Avoid

We all have that one friend who made a silly decision and got their ex’s name tattooed across their arm, or some other dumb tattoo that they probably regret getting. Maybe you made a idiotic decision yourself. It’s obvious that there are bad tattoo ideas, but sometimes it isn’t just about the artwork. More often than not, we stumble upon an artist whose work is just not aesthetically pleasing to look at, or the tattoo no longer makes sense. Let’s just hope that your tattoo doesn’t end up on this list of “6 Terrible Tattoo Types to Avoid”.

Fad/Trendy Tattoos

Every tattoo seems like a good idea at some point, right? Thanks to the worldwide web, memes are coming out the wazoo, and quotable tv shows like Stranger Things or Schitt’s Creek creates plenty of opportunity to get a silly phrase tattooed on your body. However, while this may seem like a cool idea at first, it will likely become a cover-up within the next few years.

A great example of this is the infamous “corn boy”, or the “cash me outside” girl who was once on that infamous tv show. These once funny and quotable catchphrases are now just silly and irrelevant. In five years no one will remember the cultural reference, thus making your tattoo seemingly pointless. So, before you think about getting that catchy meme quote permanently on your body, consider if it’s a fad or not

Tribal Tattoos

Unless you’re talking about some amazing Mayan artwork or in cases where your heritage might be of Maori descent; tribal tattoos might not be the best bet for your next piece. Not only are they so 90’s, and monochromatic, they can be problematic too. This dated and boring tattoo type is only interesting if it’s authentic, and most artists aren’t skilled enough to achieve such success like Southeast Asian varieties. A solid black tribal band going across your shoulder isn’t in anymore. It just tells people that you’re stuck in the past and uncreative. Don’t be one of those people who look like they’re a backup dancer for one of those 90’s boy bands. Please.

Facial Tattoos

Well this is a no-brainer, or it should be. Don’t get us wrong, there are some beautiful facial tattoos out there, but unfortunately not many people can pull them off. And we mean MANY. These tattoos will not get you anywhere, or any money in your wallet – unless you’re a tattoo artist yourself. And they are impossible to cover up, even with specialized makeup. So don’t do it.

Cosmetic Tattoos

One thing about cosmetic tattoos is that you can tell when it’s a tattoo. Not to be confused with Permanent makeup which utilizes pigment instead of tattoo ink. Cosmetic tattoos will become greenish looking over time, and never fade. If you’re trying to rectify skin issues or scarring – they’re wonderful. But, tattooing your eyebrows may not be the best idea, especially if it’s not done by a trained permanent makeup artist. Don’t risk looking like you drew your eyebrows on with a marker. If you seek a more realistic eyebrow tattoo, check out Brows & Beyond! But for those of you who did not link up with a great artist, it might be time to start the removal process. 

Foreign Languages

This one is kind of like tribal tattoos, don’t get them unless you have some close relation to the subject or speak the language. Imagine getting a Chinese symbol tattooed on your shoulder, you thought it meant love but instead it means rooster. Not only does it make you look ridiculous, they can also look tacky. Let’s just avoid this altogether and stay away from this type of tattoo. K thx

Finger Tattoos/Wedding Bands

Finger tattoos suck. They hurt, fade, distract and just all around not a good idea. Wedding band tattoos are even worse; the idea is sweet and sentimental but the outcome is not. Especially when divorce is more expensive than laser tattoo removal. We understand that some people might work in an environment where they can’t wear wedding rings or jewelry, so they get a wedding band tattoo. Stop. They’re hard to get around the entire finger and the skin is too tough to take on these types of designs. You’ll be lucky to get it to look like something other than a gray mess. Also, imagine having to cover-up a tattoo in the most obvious locatio

Lower Back Tattoos

Tramp Stamp Style Tattoos

Let’s just say, lower back tattoos or Tramp Stamps can be a hit or miss – maybe a complete miss. If you happen to have tattoos everywhere, worrying about this tattoo type isn’t a concern. But if your tattoo is a product of a drunken night or something you got on a whim, then odds are it was a bad idea to begin with. The finished result never looks good, and the connotation that comes with a lower back tattoo is never a good one. So if you’re considering getting a tattoo in this area, do not. You will thank us later.

Ottawa Laser Tattoo Removal

Thankfully, with our laser tattoo removal system provided by PicoWay Technologies, we’re able to get rid of all types of tattoos/regrets in the Ottawa,Ontario area. Whether they made it on this list or not, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you and help you get that once loved piece of art off your body. Call us to schedule a free consultation. We’re located on 1530 Merivale Road. Nepean,Ontario K2G 3J7  – so just stop by to begin your laser tattoo removal journey. If you just want to learn more about laser tattoo removal, click here.


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