Tattoo Removal Pain Management Guide

Exploring the world of tattoo removal can be daunting, especially when considering the discomfort associated with it. In Ottawa, Ontario, advancements in laser tattoo removal have revolutionized the process, making it more accessible and less intimidating. Let’s debunk myths and explore pain management techniques, focusing on laser tattoo removal’s effectiveness and comfort.

Laser Tattoo Removal: A Misunderstood Comfort?

Contrary to popular belief, laser tattoo removal is not as painful as many fear. Thanks to modern technology, this method, predominant in Ottawa’s tattoo clinics, offers a quicker and more comfortable experience than the tattooing process itself. Most clients liken the sensation to a rubber band snap, with the procedure being more of an annoyance than agony. Ottawa’s top clinics prioritize patient comfort, employing advanced pain management strategies to ensure a smooth experience.

The Role of Numbing Cream in Laser Tattoo Removal

Numbing creams play a pivotal role in alleviating discomfort during laser sessions. These creams, containing lidocaine or benzocaine, dull the skin’s nerve signals, making the process more bearable. Over-the-counter options provide mild relief, while prescription variants offer a more potent solution. But how do these creams fare against Ottawa’s cutting-edge laser technology?

Over-the-Counter vs. Prescription: Numbing Creams Explained

The difference between over-the-counter and prescription numbing creams lies in their active ingredient concentration. Over-the-counter versions typically have a lower concentration, suitable for minor irritations like bug bites. Prescription creams, used in medical settings, boast higher potency, lasting up to three hours. Ottawa’s clinics often guide patients on the appropriate choice based on their pain threshold and tattoo specifics.

Understanding Tattoo Ointments: Types and Uses

Different Types Of Numbing Creams and Ointments

With the rise of tattoo culture, various products have emerged, each serving a distinct purpose:

Aftercare Ointment: Essential for healing new tattoos, these ointments reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery.

Numbing Cream: Used pre-procedure to lessen discomfort during both tattooing and removal.

Tattoo Removal Cream: While over-the-counter removal creams exist, Ottawa’s experts recommend laser removal for effective results

Does Numbing Cream Affect Laser Efficiency?

A common concern is whether numbing creams interfere with laser tattoo removal’s efficacy. Fortunately, these creams don’t hinder the laser’s ability to break down ink particles in the skin’s dermis. However, their application requires careful timing and adherence to prescribed guidelines.

Pros and Cons: Numbing Cream for Tattoo Removal


  • Reduces pain
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Helps with inflammation


  • Does not completely eliminate pain
  • Additional expense
  • Takes time to activate

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